The furniture and products we sell are either Self-assembly ( KD / Knock down) or they come fully assembled, the fully assembled items may need some minor additions adding like protective felt feet.

We deliver to you a fully protected piece of furniture, you need to take receipt of the item, unbox the item and where it says self assembly you need to assemble the item, we also ask you where possible to dispose of the packaging ethically or reuse the box.


Think IKEA, our products come flat packed with easy to follow assembly instructions, often it is the case that if the item was assembled it would become damaged in the delivery process or in the case of larger items they would be to large to get into the home or the room where they will live.


An assembled item is just that, an item that you can take out the box and place in a position of your choice, there will be a care sheet that’s tells you how to look after your product and there may be some accessories to add, for example protective felt feet or they may be a label or protective film to remove.


Do take care of your own personal safety when moving and building furniture, always have assistance and plenty of room.  


我們銷售的是自行組裝 (KD/拆裝) 或整裝傢俬及產品, 整裝的產品可能需要添加一些諸如保護性的小腳墊而已。



整裝產品經常發生在運送過程中損壞的情況, 又或是產品太大不可以入屋或送進房間, 避免這樣! 我們的產品以平板包裝配以簡易說明指示,比宜家更好呢!


整裝的產品就係你只需要打開包裝便可以把產品放到你心目中的位置, “整裝產品小錦囊”會貼心地提示你怎樣為你的產品添加一些小配件, 例如:保護性的小腳墊或者有標籤指示你怎樣移除保護膜等等。