If its affordable luxury your looking for then HOARE is exactly where you should be looking, we compared our high end branded products to IKEA and the results are very surprising , our products are in some cases up to 50% cheaper than a like for like product at IKEA and we offer free delivery anywhere in Hong Kong, some of our products and sale items are without doubt the most competitive across south Asia.

How are we able to offer better products and free delivery against IKEA, a giant in the furniture industry? well its simple in that we work directly with our suppliers, manage small batch runs and have very few overheads, we keep our costs low so that we can offer you fantastic products.

Don’t take our word for it check out our products and prices at www.hoare.com and make the comparisons for yourself, we are proud to offer something different in Hong Kong and Asia as a leading British furniture brand selling directly to the public.

Whilst we are cheaper and arguably more design focused, we love IKEA and all it stands for, as designers and manufacturers ourselves we often visit IKEA factories and we must all give them 100% respect for their ability to create great products whilst remaining ethical in their field.

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