We don’t just call our collections by any random name just because its cool or great for marketing although that would be a lot easier but here at HOARE we don’t do things the easy way.

Our leather chairs are not your average leather chairs, they are full-grain leather, individually selected hides, hand made by approximately 8 people per chair, we have come a long way from London and yes we manufacture in China as well as across Asia but we absolutely support skilled workers and craftsmanship anywhere in the world along with their families supporting local communities where possible, you will be very surprised how some of the original London leather craftsmen and leather markets of the east end of London have in common with today’s bespoke and batch manufacturing in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter.

We must however STOP right here and give a huge respectful credit and appreciation and respect to those still keeping the tradition alive and not only alive but leading design and manufacturing abilities in London often independently, if you haven’t yet heard of Tortie Hoare then you’re missing out, despite the surname Tortie is not affiliated with #hoaredotcom or #hoare but with her skill and ability her products would shine much greater than many of the products we carry, you can see her work here http://www.tortiehoare.com/ and contact here to purchase any of her very very special products if you are in the UK.

London and leather have a rich history together and if were talking London then it’s all about South London, by the 1970’s East London’s Bermondsey was producing on average one third of all the leather for the entire country, London leather was a very well known term and phrase but was not always a good thing back then, over 100 years ago the methods of tanning and colouring leather were less than favourable and took on many nasty ingredients often forcing the tanneries further out of the city where local laws were less stringent. Today our colour treatments are fully water based, non-polluting and are not subject to the heavy industries of South London back in the early 1900’s although London leather, its use and production date back further then the 15th century!

Credit: exploring Southwark


‘’Barrow, Hepburn and Gale was perhaps the largest leather concern in Bermondsey in the 20th century formed by mergers and amalgamations with other Bermondsey tanners and leather manufacturers, some of which went back to the middle of the 18th century.  The most prominent reminder today of this once thriving company are former warehouses, now an apartment complex that goes by the name Tanners Yard, at 239 Long Lane with a stone plaque bearing the inscription Hepburn and Gale over the entrance.’’

Our London Leather collection is a considered and respectful range, a nod to Barrow, Hepburn and Gale and the many thriving leather industries of south London, come and see what real leather looks like and feels like and evolves in our Tsuen wan showroom, its very unlikely you will find real top grain leather of this nature anywhere else in Hong Kong, we often see instead Cheaper Chinese PU alternatives or poorly designed chairs and sofas with promises of being designed in Italy but we don’t like to judge we will let you make up your own mind, regardless it’s sometimes the stories behind why that chair is here that will inspire more stories between you and your friends. Share Tweet Google+ Pin It Email

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